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How to create Campaign Type?
How to create Campaign Type?
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Create different email campaigns to reach your customers. This is a step-to-step guide for creating campaign types.

from the navigation menu.

Step 2. On the top of your create campaign type screen, enter a name for a campaign type and click on create.

Once created, you can view and edit your campaign type on the same create campaign type screen.

Here are some name types you can use:

  1. Newsletter: A newsletter that goes out to all or opt-in customers at prespecified intervals, but usually in a month.

  2. Marketing Offers: A response-driven campaign where the crux is to obtain a result. E.g. a 4th of July campaign encouraging people to buy American Flags etc

  3. Announcement: This campaign is used to make an announcement which could be the latest additions, trending products, company mergers, etc.

  4. Discount: A campaign to offer a discount or promotion.

  5. Update: A campaign used to send product or site updates.


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