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Customize the layout of product's block
Customize the layout of product's block
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This article provides insights into the layout of product blocks for emails, showcasing how products are displayed.

To edit a product block, follow these steps:

1.) Click on the block where the products are displayed.

2.) Each element provides various settings that allow you to customize how products are displayed, including:

  1. Select product type

  2. Orientation

  3. Products in one row

  4. Total number of rows

  5. Responsive block

  6. Row padding

  7. Card background color

  8. Card border

3.) You also have the following options to customize in the Image, name, price, and button.

  1. Height

  2. Color

  3. Font

  4. Alignment

  5. Padding

  6. Border

  7. Width

  8. Label


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