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Make mobile-specific layout adjustments in an email template.
Make mobile-specific layout adjustments in an email template.
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In this article, you will learn the default mobile optimization configurations offered by AiTrillion for emails, along with the ability to customize how your message appears on different devices.

Common options for optimizing mobile experiences

Numerous settings in each element allow you to make it better for mobile viewing, including:

  1. Responsive images

  2. Mobile alignment settings

  3. Responsive padding configurations

Disable the section on mobile or desktop

You have the flexibility to choose where a block will be displayed—whether on mobile, desktop, or both. This customization can be done for any block by accessing the Hide element buttons.

Automatically adjust to fit the width of the device.

In an image block, you have the option to expand the image to the full width of the frame when it's viewed on a mobile device. This setting can be found in the content tab within the Block settings for any image block. Simply toggle the "Adjust to width" option on or off as needed.

Block displayed on mobile devices.

In the button block, you have the option to adjust the alignment specifically for mobile devices. Additionally, you can customize the external padding and row padding for mobile to ensure the best mobile viewing experience.


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