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Use the new Email editor in AiTrillion.
Use the new Email editor in AiTrillion.
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In this article, we'll dive into the features and functionalities of AiTrillion's new Email Editor, empowering you to unlock your creativity and take your email marketing to new heights.

Here are the steps to use the new Email editor:

Step 1. Go to Email marketing > Templates

Step 2. Click on Create from scratch

Step 3. Click on New Editor.

Step 4. The left-side navigation panel allows you to set up options for style and content. The right side shows you a preview of your settings. ​

4(a) The general settings area allows you to setup the message width, alignment, padding, and background colors.

4(b). Stripes allow you to setup fonts, colors, and settings for the header, footer, content, and info areas.

4(c). Headings regulate the settings for spacing, fonts, and color options for the H1, H2, and H3 headings.

4(d). The button tab is for settings, options, and colors for the buttons that you use.

4(e). The mobile formatting options are certain settings that would be made for the mobile-specific version of the email only. This means that all settings that you make here would apply if and only if the email is being read on a mobile device.

Step 5. The content area of the navigation and settings of the new beta design editor in AiTrillion allows you to make settings for the email layout, blocks, and to save sections.

5(a). The layouts area of the content tab allows you to take a tabular layout for your email. Each section in this can house a different block from the block section. To use a layout, simply drag and drop it in the email construction area.

5(b). Dragging and dropping a block from the content area allows you to begin constructing your email.

Once in place, click on the block in the email construction area to configure the settings for the block

The three dots on either side allow you to move the block, delete it, or save it as a reusable section for all future emails.

For the Text editor section, you even get personalization options for customer data. E.g. if you use the full name option, then when the email goes to the customer, it will automatically use the full name of that customer for every customer that the email goes to.

5(c). Any sections saved for later can be found in the saved sections area. These saved sections can be used repeatedly over and over again. e.g. A quote like "Thank you for shopping with us" in the footer of all your emails.

Step 6. The top bar of this editor has the undo, redo, and preview options.

Note: The preview option shows the desktop and mobile previews!

Step 7. There is a global code editor in the top bar as well.

7(a). This code editor even has CSS editing and addition options!

Step 8. Once you are happy with all the settings made, send yourself a test or save the template and exit

Step 9. To use this template in any campaign, you can head over to the saved templates area under the templates feature of AiTrillion Email Marketing.


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