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Benefits of the new responsive design editor in AiTrillion
Benefits of the new responsive design editor in AiTrillion
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Our email builder offers drag-and-drop functionality for intuitive customization, Undo and Redo options enhance control and experimentation. Save frequently used blocks as reusable sections for efficiency. Customize layout structures with various column options to suit your content and design preferences, delivering visually engaging emails effectively.

1. Login to AiTrillion & head over to templates

2. Choose the create template option

3. Opt for the new beta design editor

4. The new beta design editor has the following benefits over the legacy editor:

  1. Drag & drop email builder: Build and customize every element of your email message intuitively. No code email development. Helpful pre-built modules and content blocks to streamline the process.

  2. HTML & CSS code editor: Code emails from scratch or start in the Drag-n-Drop builder and then add custom HTML elements. You can use both D-n-D email template builder and HTML email editor simultaneously with no switching.

  3. Responsive Email Design: Ensure your emails look great on any device with our responsive email design feature. The Email Editor automatically adjusts the layout and formatting of your emails to provide an optimal viewing experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

  4. Undo and Redo Options: Enjoy greater control and flexibility during the email creation process with the addition of Undo and Redo options. Easily revert changes or redo actions, allowing you to experiment and fine-tune your email designs with confidence.

  5. Save as Sections: Save time and streamline your template creation by saving frequently used email blocks as sections. Create a reusable template block that can be inserted into multiple email designs, eliminating the need to recreate the same layout each time.

  6. Multiple Layout Structures: Customize the structure of your email layouts with the flexibility of multiple layout options. Choose from a variety of column arrangements, including single-column, two-column, three-column, and more. Tailor the layout to suit your content and design preferences, creating visually engaging emails that effectively deliver your message.

    Learn how to use this editor. Click here


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