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Add products into an email using the new editor by AiTrillion
Add products into an email using the new editor by AiTrillion
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In this guide, we'll explore how to leverage AiTrillion's new editor to seamlessly add blocks to your emails, enabling you to create dynamic and compelling campaigns that drive results.

Here are the steps to add products to an email using the new editor:

Step 1. Go to Email marketing > Templates

Step 2. Click on the Create from Scratch button

Step 3. Click on New editor

Step 4. You will see a screen similar to the one below. Click on Blocks

Step 5. Find the block for products. Click+hold that block and drag it to the layout area.

Step 6. Once you have dragged and dropped this block, you will then see an option to select a product group. Click on it to select the products you want to insert from Shopify.

Step 7. For this example, I chose the Trending Products field, and you can see it has auto-populated the products.

Step 8. Clicking on the blocks in the email design editor will allow you to make settings about that block.

A) Some of the settings in the product card composition area, as is noticed, have arrows pointing towards the right. This means that that setting is not about a flick switch but has settings under it. For example, the image settings include size and positioning settings, and the name area includes settings for text color, alignment, linespacing, and more!

Step 9. To configure mobile view-based settings, head over to Style and Mobile Formatting.

You can even configure button size settings here!

Step 10. If you need help, you can speak to our support team at or book a Zoom with them at


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