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Next steps after you install AiTrillion
Next steps after you install AiTrillion
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Upon installing AiTrillion, it's essential to set up the basics to ensure optimal functionality.

Follow these detailed steps:

Account settings

Here, you can find store details— store logo, username, store name, store URL— and plan details— current plan and its cost, and impression limit.

1. Upload Logo and Setup Account: Navigate to "My Account" to upload your store logo and configure settings. Click on "Setup Now " or access additional assistance by selecting " Need Help"

2. Create new users or staff in AiTrillion (User Management) > Setup Now | Learn More

3. Check module status and settings (Module Settings) > Setup Now

4. AiTrillion billing information (Billing Information) > Check here

5. Earn a bonus by leaving a review (Earn Bonus)> Check here

Email Marketing

Start email marketing on your store with the below steps:

1. Setup DKIM on the store > Setup Now | Learn More

2. Check all email templates > Setup Now

3. Setup email workflows like welcome & abandoned cart, etc > Setup Now | Learn More

4. Create List or Segments > Import List | Create new segment | Learn More about List | Segment

5. Send mass/bulk email campaign > Send Now | Learn More

6. View all reports and analytics > Check here

Loyalty Rewards Program

Collect and showcase reviews, an awesome approach to visual marketing. Review contents are indexed by search engines. Make it easy for your customers to leave product reviews after a purchase.

1. Enable Product reviews > Go to the dashboard

2. Enable the Question & Answer feature with review > Setup Now | Need Help

3. Update review settings > Setup Now

4. Update review button settings > Setup Now

5. Setup review emails > Setup Now

Web Push Notifications

Nail customer engagement by sending automatic push notifications. Customize push notifications with your brand logos, thus providing better customer trust. You can personalize your notification(s) to fit your brand’s look and feel and blend it with your brand seamlessly.

1. Check Web Push templates here > Check Templates

2. Web Push Setting > Setup Now | Need Help

3. Enable welcome push > Setup Now | Need Help

4. Enable abandoned cart push > Setup Now | Need Help

5. Schedule Push Notifications > Setup Now | Need Help

Workflow Automation Emails

Automate email workflows according to the activities performed by your customers in your store. Few of the default workflow templates are available in AiTrillion.

  1. Welcome email > Setup Now | Need Help

  2. Loyalty points reminder email for all customers > Setup Now | Need Help

  3. Browse abandonment email series > Setup Now | Need Help

  4. Win back customers’ email > Setup Now | Need Help

  5. Post-purchase emails > Setup Now | Need Help

Smart Popup

Increase the list of your email subscribers and encourage them to engage more with your brand.

  1. Check Smart Popup templates here > Check Templates

  2. Design Newsletter Subscription Popup > Setup Now

  3. Design Exit-Intent Popup > Setup Now

  4. Design Custom Popup > Setup Now

Announcement Bar

Announce your latest features or discounts with our easy-to-use announcement bar system. From a fancy design to a simple cookie bar, do it all here.

Use this facility to make:

  1. Announcement Bars > Setup Now

  2. Countdown Timer Bars > Setup Now

  3. Sales Motivator Bars > Setup Now

  4. Cookie Information Bars > Setup Now

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