Setup Product And Store Reviews

Setup Product And Store Reviews

AiTrillion can make it easy for you to build trust and credibility for your products and your store, through valuable feedback and insights gained from its Reviews module. Learn how to set it up today!

Watch a quick video to learn more about product reviews in AiTrillion:

Step 1: Enable the Review Module:  Click on  Product Reviews > Dashboard > Enable App Status Slider

Step 2:  Customize the review program by updating review settings and customizing the review button.  To do this navigate to  Product Reviews > Settings > General Settings.  When done remember to save settings!

Refer to  this article   to learn more about how to customize the site review button.

Setup Review Widgets 

Collect & display customer reviews to increase your trust as well as conversion rates. Additionally, send your published reviews into Google using our Rich Snippet integration. 


Here are some Review Widget help topics you can take a look at:

Other Links of Importance:

Automatic Review Request eMails

Automatic Review Request Reminders 

Allow your customers to ask Product based questions from the product page


1.  Product reviews  form automatically gets injected/added in the theme code. There is no need to show the reviews form on the product page manually. If the review form is required somewhere else on the website then the shortcode available can be added manually in the theme code.

2.  Review reminder  email settings that get enabled automatically. If required, enable/disable it accordingly.

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