How to setup Site Review Gallery

How to setup Site Review Gallery

Step 1.  Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2.  Go to  Product Review >Display Reviews > Site Review Page

Step 3.  On the configuration page that opens up, make settings of your choice, and save settings.  Remember to copy the shortcode as displayed in the image below.


Step 4.  Incase you forgot to copy the code, here it is:

<div class="egg-site-all-reviews"></div>

Step 5.  Go to your  Shopify admin > Online Store > Pages .

Step 6.  Add a new Page.

Step 7.  Give a title to the page accordingly.

Step 8.  Click on the button with “<>” for the HTML mode of the editor then paste the code and  Save . Remember to add this page to your navigation too!

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