Add a custom tag to your customer via AiTrillion Automated Workflow

Add a custom tag to your customer via AiTrillion Automated Workflow

Let's say your customer has placed an order containing 5 items. Two of these items are super expensive and need extra care. You want to send them and email about the special items and also want to add a tag to their customer profile on shopify identifying that customer as a high paying customer. Here is how you do it. 

2. Head over to workflow automation and then choose to create an automation by clicking on the + sign. 

3. Drag the Order Placed Trigger. 

4. In the filters section choose the Ordered Product Filter by dragging it into the flow setup area. 

5. Connect the flow dots and then click on the ordered product filter in the flow setup area to configure it. 

6. In this example I chose if the placed order has items with a certain tag:
7. Under actions drag the 'Update Tags (Customer)' option and click on it to make your settings

8. Choose the communication action of your choice and connect the dots. 

9.  All you have to do now is to choose your throttling options, give your workflow a name, save it and turn it on. 

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