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Create A Workflow Automation Manually
Create A Workflow Automation Manually
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Automate your email, push and sms marketing with 10 customized triggers, multiple delays and action points, with AiTrillion MultiChannel Workflow Automation.

Watch a quick 6 - Minutes video to create Workflow automation manually

Customized multi-channel workflow automation can be created by following the steps below: Workflow automation can be created by following a few steps mentioned below.

Note📝: Before proceeding, it is recommended that you create a customized message to use in the workflow. This can be a custom email message, a web push message, an SMS, or all three.

Step 1: Login to AiTrillion and head over to Workflow Automation > Workflows > Create

Step 2: Choose a Trigger and an action. You can add some delay points too. For more info on triggers, delays and actions click here.

Step 3: Drag and drop a trigger into the automation creation area. Then click on the trigger to select its options.

Step 4: Drag and Drop any delays or actions of your choice and click on them to choose their options. An example is shown below in which Send Email from Actions is added and connected with a trigger block.

Step 5:

2. Give your workflow a name

3. Save your flow.

4. Turn it on!


💡Tips for Workflow automation

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