How to set up Loyalty Redeem Points?

How to set up Loyalty Redeem Points?

Rewards are a part of AiTrillion' s loyalty system and can be setup to help your customers have more than one option for redeeming their loyalty points. This can be a great way for customers to get more value from their loyalty program!



Step 1.  Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2.   Go to  Loyalty Rewards > Set up program >  Redeem Points.

Note:  Ensure you are in the Create Rewards area. 

Step 3.  Choose the type of reward you want to set up and click on the reward type to setup options. Once done, remember to save. Here is some detail on the various redemption reward types: 


Amount Discount – A fixed amount off on a customer’s entire order (e.g. $5 off).

Redeem Points - Money Off

Percentage Off  – A percentage discount on a customer’s entire order.

Redeem points - Percentage Off

Free Shipping  – Free shipping voucher for the customer.

Redeem Points - free Shipping

Free Product  – A 100% discount, on a specific product, given as a voucher. This reward configuration needs you to know the product id. Here is a KB on how to  retrieve a product id

Redeem Points free Product

Product Discount (Voucher)  – A percentage discount on a specific product, given as a voucher.

Redeem Points - Product Discount

Cart Widget Point Settings  – Widget to get a discount code on an exchange of X points on the cart page itself. We have a  detailed document on this here

Redeem Points Cart Widget

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