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Exclusive Features Available On AiTrillion
Exclusive Features Available On AiTrillion
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AiTrillion provides a list of exclusive features to increase customer engagement and sales in the store.

Everything From Email Marketing Automation+ Loyalty Rewards Program + Product Reviews + Web Push Notifications + Popups + Product Recommendation + Customer Insights + Analytics & A Lot More. Our Analytics & AI is powering customer behavior & sales predictions based on various factors like Time, Location, Products & more.

Loyalty Reward Points Program

Increase customer loyalty with points-based referral & rewards program. Give points to customers based on multiple activities they perform on the store and retain them again with the email and push automation to redeem those points.

Exclusive Feature: Integrated with push notification, reviews, email marketing, social marketing, and smart popups. Give points for push access, leave a review, share on a social profile, and send email automation to customers when they reach “x” number of points.

Email Marketing Automation

Start designing email templates with drag-and-drop email editor. Send a bulk email or schedule it for a later date. Send a personalized email to a segmented custom audience.
It is a complete email marketing platform with exclusive eCommerce triggers of a loyalty program, reviews, web push, and multiple customer behaviors.

Product & Site Reviews

Establish Authority & Influence Visitors With User Generated Content. Features included the Product review, Site review, Questions & Answers, Automatic Email Reminder, Review Page and Slider gallery, Google review, etc.

Web Push Notification

Reach your customers directly to their mobile or desktop even if they are not on your store. Re-engage and turn them into revenue with a powerful mode of marketing “Web Push Notification”. Features include Welcome Push, Abandoned Cart push, scheduled push, giving Loyalty points for accepting push, etc.

Workflow Automation

Create exclusive workflow automation for emails like welcome series, abandoned cart series, Loyalty redeemed point series, Recently viewed product email, win back losing customer series, Postorder email & many more.

Smart Popups

Encourage visitors and customers to take action with exclusive popups that are triggered by machine learning. You can easily design widgets like Newsletter Signup Forms, Exit Intent Popup, Giveaway Popup, Loyalty Popup, Ask a Review Popup, & Abandoned Cart popup. Capture and save customer data if each popup in a separate customer list. Get beautiful templates to easily create exclusive popups for your store.

Product Recommendation

You can show widgets like Related products, New arrivals, Recently Viewed, and trending products anywhere in the store. One-click setup of the widget with side and grid mode. You can enable or disable it on all templates like the Home page, Product page, Collection page, Cart page, or Blog page.

Announcement Bar & Countdown Timer Bar

Create Announcement Bars like Free Shipping Bar, Offer Bar, Sales Motivator, and Countdown Timer bar on the store.


We care for our customers, and their needs and we understand their time is precious. With AiTrillion, your customers don’t have to wait on hold to get their questions answered immediately. We believe in giving customers that level of engagement and satisfaction.

Customer Segmentation

Target Your Customer Audience Like A Pro. Make your customer segments feel special by sending them personalized messages.

Ai Prediction

Drive more intelligent customer engagement through predictive analytics. With an Ai system at hand, you can build profiles of customers based on their behavior and habits. These profiles allow the system to simply predict what people need or would like to buy, shifts in their interests, or the likelihood of events.

Analytics and Data

Turn Customer Data into Actionable Insights Data Enrichment & Insights Deeply understand your customers, and take intelligent actions to increase your customer adoption and retention.

Customer Timeline


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