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Assign loyalty points based on customer tags
Assign loyalty points based on customer tags
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Learn how to enhance your customer loyalty program by assigning loyalty points based on customer tags in AiTrillion. With this feature, you can reward customers for specific behaviors or characteristics associated with their tags.

Simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Go to Loyalty rewards > Set up program > Earn Point section.

Step 2. Click on the On customer tag activity

Step 3. Add a tag and points you want to assign on this

Tags: Tags are identifiers assigned to customers based on certain criteria or actions they perform on your platform.

Enter Tag: This field allows you to input specific tags that trigger certain actions or rewards within your loyalty program.

Tags Points: Tags Points refer to the number of reward points customers earn when they're associated with a particular tag.

Reward Text: This text is displayed to customers when they earn reward points through tag-related activities. It typically includes a message notifying them of the points earned.

Description: The Description field provides additional context or instructions related to the tag-based rewards, helping both merchants and customers understand how the system works.

🚨You can create an automatic segment using various triggers and tags to customers automatically. This enables you to reward loyalty points based on specific conditions or actions

Step 4. Save this, and the activity will be enabled.


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