Loyalty points based on tags
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In this article, we'll explore how to seamlessly allocate loyalty points based on specific tags assigned to your customers.


What is a customer tag?

Customer tags are labels or identifiers assigned to individual customers based on specific criteria or behavior. These tags provide businesses with a way to segment and categorize their customer base, allowing for targeted marketing efforts and personalized communication.

Here are the below steps to give loyalty points based on tags:

Step 2. Click on the activity that says 'On Customer Tag'

Step 3. Configure the settings as per your requirements. Remember the points on tag will be allotted only if the customer profile on Shopify contains that tag.

Step 4. To assign more than one tag, click on Add New Tag.

Step 5. When done click save/update. Also, ensure that this feature is turned on in the loyalty menu.

💡This feature can also be used to give points for tags from a third-party application


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