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Refer a Friend
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Discover how to set up the "Refer a Friend" feature in your Loyalty Program with AiTrillion. By enabling this functionality, you can empower your customers to become brand advocates and expand your customer base through referrals.

Follow these steps to set up Refer a Friend in the Loyalty Program:

Step 1: Go to Loyalty Rewards> Set up program> Online store. Then click on refer a friend.

Step 2: Fill in the details according to your requirements and click on Save / Update.

General settings

Points awarded: Customers earn some points for referring a friend.

Referred friend reward

Discount value: The discount is applicable for purchases of some $.

Minimum purchase amount: Discount applicable for purchasing of $some or more.

Step 3: If you want to show a special 'Refer a friend' button, then enable the same from the appearance settings under Refer a friend. You can also customize how the button or popup is shown on the website

Here is the chronological order of how friends receive discount codes when the store is referred by one friend to another using the loyalty referral program:-

  1. Customer 1 refers your store to Customer 2.

  2. Customer 2 will receive a link through email or whichever channel was selected by Customer 1

  3. Customer 2 will click on the link and visit the store.

  4. A popup will be displayed with the discount code on the screen of Customer 2.

  5. Customer 1 will receive loyalty points when Customer 2 makes a purchase from the store.


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