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From this article, you'll gain an understanding of the various methods through which customers can accumulate points within the AiTrillion Loyalty Program. These methods include creating an account, becoming a VIP customer, allowing push notifications, making purchases, and participating in promotional activities, among others.

Here are some quick steps to set up loyalty earn points:

Step 1: Go to Loyalty Rewards > Set up program > Earn Points .

🚨Here are more details to set up Earn point rules click here

Step 2: Here, you shall be allowed to set up rules for every activity so that a customer can earn points. When customers perform that specific activity, they will earn the points that you have set up in the rule. To set up the rule, simply click on any activity.

💡AiTrillion is one of the most unique applications to be able to allow you set the Make a purchase points in decimal! If you have a small currency value and do not want to give 1 loyalty point with respect to 1 dollar (your currency), then you can set up the Make a Purchase points in decimal. We allow you to enter Make a purchase point up to 3 decimal numbers.


💡​Tips for Loyalty Reward Program
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