AiTrillion FAQ

AiTrillion FAQ

Here are a set of frequently asked questions about the AiTrillion system

Do I get a free Trial?

Yes, all pricing plans come with a plan-specific 14-day free trial. 

What does my pricing plan include?

The AiTrillion Pricing plans include all features as outlined in the plan description given on email + SMS are compulsory. You can then choose any 3 other modules for the Starter plan or any 5 for the Growth plan. 

What if I need more Emails/SMS/Web Push than what my plan allows?

No problem! You can subscribe to additional blocks by logging into AiTrillion and going to the Billing Information section that is under your initials. You can then buy additional blocks of email/SMS & Push from the ‘Buy additional blocks’ section. 

What payment methods does AiTrillion accept?

AiTrillion charges come as a part of your Shopify monthly charges under the ‘App Charges’ header. You can however choose to pay directly on a credit card as well. 

Do I need to enter a payment mode during my trial?

It is optional, you do not need to enter any payment methods during your trial. 

Can I install on Shopify Dev?

Yes. You can install the trial on a Shopify Dev / Sandbox account by skipping the payment authorization when asked for the same. 

What are Active customers?

When you start, your entire customer base (Shopify customers) comes into AiTrillion as inactive. You can then, in AiTrillion, pick and choose the customers you want to activate and use AiTrillion for. However, if any of the pre-existing customers that came in from Shopify, try to perform the following activities, they will be rendered active and will count towards your active customer limit. 

  1. Make a Purchase
  2. Leave a Review
  3. Signup as an Affiliate
  4. Earn / Redeem Loyalty points. 
  5. Place a new order
  6. Fill in a form / popup

How can I activate or deactivate customers?

AiTrillion has three methods for customer activation and deactivation. Please read more about these here:

Can I Increase my active customer base without changing my plan?

AiTrillion base plan allows you to start with an X number of customers depending on which plan you are on. However, you can increase your active customer base by paying $20 for every 1000 active customers. 

How should I proceed after downloading AiTrilion?

Please access  AiTrillion on your Shopify store to create an account. Once done, reach out to our support team at / live chat for answers to your questions or a free basic setup. 

How do I get support and training?

You can get support by emailing You can also use our live chat from the 

website or inside the AiTrillion app. You can also book a Zoom call by going to The TAT for support is 24 hours with limited support on weekends and holidays. You can also access our resources and helpdesk on 

How do I cancel my subscription?

Hover over your initials in the top right corner of the AiTrillion system, then head over to the Billing Information section. You will then see a cancel subscription button at the bottom right, however, we recommend a discussion with our team first. There is nothing that cannot be sorted and we are here to help!

How much do I have to pay for support?

Basic Support is free and included. Custom work specific to your AiTrillion installation and your Shopify store may attract extra charges which would be discussed on a call/email.

I love AiTrillion but do not have the time to spend on making it work. Help!

No problems. AiTrillion offers a range of D2C and Managed Marketing services to help you succeed even if you do not have the time to spend on your digital marketing.  You can schedule a discussion with us at or email at

I don't have an e-commerce store yet but would like to setup a store with AiTrillion on it. Can you give me a packaged deal? 

Yes. We can. AiTrillion does have a web design arm too.  Let us know on and we can discuss this.

Do you offer discounts? 

Our pricing is already discounted compared to other apps in the market. However, if you are coming over as an enterprise customer or have multiple stores, or are an NGO, our billing team would be happy to consider your request on a case-by-case basis.

Can I use the email, push, and SMS modules in AiTrillion without any limitations?
There are plan-wise limitations as displayed on The professional advanced, and enterprise plans are the ones with the least limitations. 

Can I downgrade my plan?

Yes. You can send a request with a reason to our support team at

Do you guys levy any hidden charges?

Not at all. Our charges are transparent. What you see on the pricing plans and what you purchase as addons are the only charges you will be paying!

I have more questions. Can I speak to someone?

Sure. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have. You can schedule a call with us at

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