Setup Product Review Reminders Emails
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With AiTrillion, You can send reminder emails to request product reviews an ‘X’ number of days after the first review email has already been sent. These emails will remind customers to leave a review and that they can get loyalty points in exchange!

Here are the steps to set up product review reminders email -:

Step 2: Enable the Review Emails option, customize settings accordingly, and Save.

📝The following things needs to remain unchained
Initial - {first_name}
Subject - {shop_name}
Body - {order_item}
Signature - {shop_name}.

You can do the same for review reminder emails and edit them as per your requirements.

Step 3: Go to Product review >> Collect review >> Review reminder emails

Step 4: You can send the reminder within days

📝 You can send up to 3 reminder emails. Once a review is submitted by the customer then the follow-up email will not be sent.


💡Tips for Product & Site Review

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