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Can our customers see all our reviews in one place?
Can our customers see all our reviews in one place?
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AiTrillion gives you three different methods of seeing all your reviews in one place. Read the KB below to learn how you can do this.

Method 1:

You can enable a reviews button and use that to see all your site reviews and product reviews in one place.

This button can be enabled by going to Reviews > Settings > General Settings > Button Settings

Method 2:

You can set up product and site review galleries on your store and add them to your navigation too!

These galleries can be set up by going to Reviews > Display Reviews

Method 3:

2. Enable the 'Show all review images' option and save settings.

3. Now while leaving a review, if a customer leaves images of the product he/she got, with their review, it will form a mini gallery on that product page.

4. Clicking on any of these images will open a popup with that and more images that other customers may have uploaded.

Here are two links where you have more detailed information on setting up review galleries.


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