What do I do if my review system stops working after the new upgrade?

What do I do if my review system stops working after the new upgrade?

Once AiTrillion rolls out the newly redesigned review system, if you notice that things are not very smooth for you, contact our support team at support@aitrillion.com or follow the steps below.

Possibility 1: Your store is using a legacy theme (debut) and your snippet code is not updated. In this case, follow the steps below:

1. Login in to the admin area of your shopify store. Then click on themes. 

2. When the themes panel opens up, click on 'Edit Code' as illustrated. 

3. Find a file called aio_reviewform.liquid and click on the same to be able to edit its code. 

4. Replace the HTML code with the code given below: 

<div id="aio-product-detial-reviews" attr-value=""></div>

5. Remember to save and exit. You should now be able to refresh the page and have access to the new reviews


Possibility 2: You are using theme 2.0 (Dawn) but your review app block is not updated. To update the app block remove your current app block (Steps Below) and follow the instructions here. Add review app block. 

1. Go to your Shopify admin > theme > Customize

2.  In the apps area, Click on the block you want to remove

2.  Click on Remove the block

3. Now add a new block for product review by following the process here:  Add review block. 


Possibility 3:  Your store setting is not reflecting at the front store. To resolve this all you have to do is disable and enable the reviews module in AiTrillion. To learn how to disable or enable any module click here.

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