How to send email to a single Customer

How to send email to a single Customer

Here's a step-to-step guide for sending emails to a single customer.

Step 1.  Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2.  Go to  Email Marketing >Audience > List

Step 3.  Create a new list by clicking on the  Create  option. Now, add the Internal Name, External Name, and Description (Optional) of the list and click on the  Save or Update  button.

To view a saved list click  here .  

Step 4.  From the sidebar, go to  Customers  and click on the  timeline  tab for a single customer whom you want to add to send an email.

Step 5.  Now, click on the  List tab  and then click on the  Add to List button  as shown below in the snapshot.

Step 6.  Now, select the list that you have created and click on  Save  to proceed.

Step 7:  You can now use this list for email campaigns with that single customer you wanted. To learn how to send email campaigns click   here .  

Note:  You can use this KB to generate a list of internal users to test out your campaigns too!

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