How to send Dynamic Discount Code in the Email

How to send Dynamic Discount Code in the Email

Use AiTrillion email to automatically generate a discount code for every email that goes out with the Dynamic Discount addon.

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2. Go to Email Marketing > Discount Codes.

Step 3. Click on Create in the top right corner.

Step 4. Fill in the details in the create form accordingly and click on the Add Coupon button in the bottom left. This has now created your placeholder. 

Step 5. Go back to the Discounts code screen. Click here to be taken to it. Click on the three dots and then on Add Codes to add the total number of codes for this placeholder. 


Step 6. Input the number and click on the Submit button.

Note: It will take time (2-3 minutes) to generate the discount codes. You can check the number by refreshing the page.

Now you can use the discount code in the email template to send it as a campaign.

How to create an email template?

Step 7. Choose the Coupon Code block in the email template.

Step 8. Choose the Coupon Code placeholder created by you from the dropdown and click on the Save button.

Step 9. A block will be added to the email body like this.


Step 10. Now you can send this email to the customers using the campaign.

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