How To Connect Stripe Payment Gateway In Membership App?

How To Connect Stripe Payment Gateway In Membership App?

Integrate the Stripe Payment Gateway

Below instructions will help to integrate the Stripe Payment Gateway with the app –

Step 1. Copy the Stripe API keys. For guidance on locating the keys Click here.

Step 2. Now, go to the app dashboard and navigate to Settings. Click on the Connect Payment Gateway tab and insert your Stripe API keys in the fields available.

Step 3. Update settings to save.


Obtaining test API keys

Follow the below steps to obtaining test API keys. Refer to this article to learn more about Test and live modes

Step 1. Navigating to the Developers section of the Stripe dashboard and clicking on API Keys. and toggle to view test keys ON.

Step 2. Click on Generate/Reveal test keys and copy them to insert into the app.


  1. You can toggle OFF view test data to get the live API keys.
  2. When you change your test Stripe keys to live API keys then you have to create a new plan using the live keys. Old plans created using the test Keys will not work with live keys.
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