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Enable membership v2 module and setup supported payment gateway (Membership V2)
Enable membership v2 module and setup supported payment gateway (Membership V2)
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Unlocking advanced features and enhancing your platform's functionality often involves activating specific modules tailored to your needs. One such module, Membership V2, promises to revolutionize user engagement and membership management within your system. Below, we delve into the steps required to enable the Membership V2 module, ensuring seamless integration and optimal utilization of its capabilities.


Here are the steps to enable the membership module:

Step 1: Go to Membership V2 >> Dashboard

Step 2: Click on the button and turn it on

Eligibility requirements for Shopify stores

To use AiTrillion Membership V2 module, your store must meet the following requirements:

Here are quick steps to enable Shopify payments(Please disregard if you have already set up Shopify Payments).

For other payments, follow this link - Click here

A) Go to Settings

B) Go to Payments > Activate Shopify Payments

C) Select the Business type fill in all the required details and click on Submit for verification

D) Click on Set up two-step and set up 2-step

🚨You can also check the article - Two-step authentication using an authenticator app

For more info - Click here

Congratulations! Now the Shopify payment is enabled on your store

For other payment method visit the following links:


💡Tips for Membership V2

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