What is AiTrillion

What is AiTrillion

AiTrillion is a marketing Automation platform to grow your customer engagement, repeat sales, and average order value of the store.

AiTrillion is a comprehensive marketing automation platform designed for e-commerce stores. It offers a wide range of features including Email and SMS automation, loyalty program, reviews, web push, recurring membership, personalized product recommendations, affiliate marketing & more all in one platform.

With its advanced triggers, actionable analytics, and customer segmentation, AiTrillion helps retailers increase customer engagement, drive sales, and automate various store activities, thus saving costs and streamlining their marketing efforts.

With over 186,000 users and growing, Aitrillion is a proven solution for automating marketing and improving sales.

The Facts

✔  14 years of experience

✔  186,000+ installations

✔  175+ Countries                                                     

✔  3.46M+ Customer Engagement

✔  67B+ Loyalty Points Assigned

✔  $14B+ worth of transactions analyzed

Trust Placed in us

  • Leaders in G2 Spring 2022
  • 300+ Shopify Reviews & Rating of 4.6/5
  • Capterra Rating of 4.9/5
  • G2 Rating of 4.9/5

Aitrillion Getapp Awards              Aitrillion G2 Award

Why AiTrillion

Join the network of 186,000+ eCommerce sellers to sell smarter, better, and faster.

  • Setup your ecommerce store to automate marketing processes with 11+ features
  • In-depth actionable analytics & triggers due to one integrated platform
  • Save up to 70% on monthly apps cost
  • Secure your data with our AWS cloud hosting

11+ Modules in AiTrillion

One platform with all important modules to grow eCommerce business with automation

Case studies

AiTrillion Case Studies

Clients of AiTrillion

Customers Review

Aitrillion reviews and feedback

Aitrillion reviews and feedback

Aitrillion reviews and feedback

Aitrillion reviews and feedback

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Meet Founders


Manoj Dhanotiya                 

Founder & CEO 


Sachin Dhanotiya

Co-Founder & Director


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