What are active customers in AiTrillion?

What are active customers in AiTrillion?

This article will talk about the definition of active customers in AiTrillion.

Active customers on your AiTrillion accounts are all those customers to whom you want to send notifications via Email, SMS, and Web Push. AiTrillions monthly plans charged your account based on the Active customers count

On the below condition customer will be marked as active in AiTrillion

When you start, your entire customer base (Shopify customers) comes into AiTrillion as inactive. You can then, in AiTrillion, pick and choose the customers you want to activate and use AiTrillion for. However, if any of the pre-existing customers that came in from Shopify try to perform the following activities, they will be rendered active and will count towards your active customer limit.

1.  Make a Purchase
2.  Leave a Review
3.  Signup as an Affiliate
4.  Earn / Redeem Loyalty points.
5.  Fill in a form / popup


Active customers on your AiTrillion account are those to whom you want to send Email, SMS, and Web Push Notifications. AiTrillion's monthly plans charge your account based on the number of active customers.

The following conditions define an active customer in AiTrillion:

When you start, your entire customer base (Shopify customers) is inactive in AiTrillion.  You can manually select and activate the customers you want to engage with using AiTrillion.

However, any pre-existing customers imported from Shopify will be automatically marked as active if they perform any of the following activities:

Make a purchase.
Leave a review.
Signup as an affiliate.
Earn or redeem loyalty points.
Fill in a form/ popup.

These activities indicate customer engagement and will count toward your active customer limit in AiTrillion.

Please let us know if you have any further questions or need assistance.

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