Show Review Ratings On The Product Detail Page

Show Review Ratings On The Product Detail Page

On a product detail page on a Shopify store, review ratings by AiTrillion, typically appear in a section near the top of the page, below the product name and above the product description.

Latest Method: Shopify theme 2.0 (automatic installation of review form)

How it would look in your store:

After you enable the review module on your store.

Step 1:   Go to your Shopify admin > theme > Customize

Step 2:   Open the page in which you want to add a block for ex: Products > Default product

Step 3:   Click on Product information > Add block

Step 4:  Add AiTrillion Blocks on your product detail page

Step 5:   You can drag and drop it below the product title

Older Method: Manual installation  for Shopify Old themes

How it would look in your store:


The steps for this installation may differ depending on whether you are using a sectioned or a non-sectioned theme.

Step 1.  Copy the code below

  •   <span class="egg-product-reviews-rating" data-id="{{ }}" id="{{ }}"></span>                         

Step 2.  Go to  Shopify Admin  >  Online Store  >  Themes  >  Actions(Published theme)  >  Edit Code

Step 3.  Find the code  product.title  in file  product-template.liquid  under  Sections  and paste copied code after  product.title .

Step 4.  Then  Save  the file.

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