How to setup Rich Snippet SEO Review Widget

How to setup Rich Snippet SEO Review Widget

AiTrillion can take your published reviews and star ratings from your site and put these into Google search for you. This will not only look good but will help immensely with SEO / SEM for your store.

Step 1.  Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2.  Go to  Product Reviews > Display Reviews > Rich Snippets .

Step 3.  Click here to update the  Meta Tags.

Step 4.  Copy the  SEO code snippet  from here.

Step 5.  Go to  Shopify admin > Online-store  >  Themes  >  Actions (Live theme)  >  Edit code .

Step 6.  Search  product-template  and open the  product-template.liquid  file from  Sections .

Step 7.  Search  itemscope  in the file and paste the copied code before the closing  div  (which contains itemscope), If not found  itemscope  in the file then just add this code –  itemscope=”” itemtype=””   in the first div of the file and paste the copied code before the closing of this  div . Then  Save  the file.

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