Setup of general settings in AiTrillion Membership

Setup of general settings in AiTrillion Membership

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      1. Head over to the membership section in your AiTrillion navigation panel. 2. In the membership module, head over to settings. 3. The first tab in the global settings area is for general settings. Here you can configure the messaging (with or ...
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      Use this document to learn more about how you can set up AiTrillion live chat and fine-tune it to do exactly what you want, word to word. Follow the steps below to customize the settings for the Live Chat. Step 1. Log into AiTrillion. Go to Live Chat ...
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      Watch the Quick Video below to set up the App Membership App Integration Steps Create Plan Add Short-codes in theme liquid files(Optional) Add Short-codes in theme liquid files only if using Restricted Access(Plan Rules) in App Add a button on the ...
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      AiTrillion introduced the Membership feature in it. If you are using the Recurring Membership app in your Shopify store then you can easily migrate the data to AiTrillion and uninstall the Membership app. So no need to install 2 separate apps. Since ...
    • How to set thank you page url in AiTrillion Membership?

      1. Log in to AiTrillion and in the modules section click on Membership 2. Under membership, navigate to the plan you have created, and click on edit. 3. Set your Thank You Page URL in the Box as illustrated under Settings and Plan Settings: