How to setup Exit-Intent Popup in Shopify Store

How to setup Exit-Intent Popup in Shopify Store

With our Exit Intent popups, you can showcase offers to visitors who are about to leave your site but have not left yet. Using offer-driven AiTrillion exit intent popups can double the conversion rate.

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2. Go to Smart Popups > Create New > Custom Popup

Step 3. Click on the Create button to create a custom popup. Here is some help on doing that : How to Create?


Step 4. Choose your options for the design and content of the popup. Do remember to check out the behaviors tab where, under display setting rules, you can even choose exactly when and where to show this popup including an exit intent option! Once done hit save and turn on your creation. 

Note: Most of the other popups other than a newsletter, can be shown on the exit intent mode as well. One of the popular popups on the exit intent mode, is an abandoned cart where you want to try to reach out to the customer, well before they leave the site. 

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