Pagefly integration with AiTrillion

Pagefly integration with AiTrillion

Steps to setup Aitrillion in Pagefly

We are excited to announce the integration of Pagefly, the powerful page builder app, with AiTrillion, the all-in-one marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. This integration will allow Pagefly users to seamlessly connect their product reviews, upsell and cross-sell offers, and loyalty programs within the Pagefly dashboard, streamlining their eCommerce operations and improving their customer engagement.

With the integration of AiTrillion and Pagefly, users can easily access their AiTrillion account and integrate their existing product reviews and loyalty programs with their Pagefly pages. This means that sellers can now display product reviews and ratings on their product pages, enabling customers to make informed purchase decisions. Additionally, sellers can also create and display cross-sell and upsell offers on their product pages, increasing their revenue and customer engagement.

The integration of Pagefly and AiTrillion also enables sellers to manage their loyalty programs directly from the Pagefly dashboard. This means that users can now create and manage loyalty programs, reward points, and VIP tiers, all from within the Pagefly platform.

PageFly is a Shopify Page Builder, launched in September 2017

PageFly helps merchant to solve the problems

Shop/page has a low conversion rate: Poor design, Poor content, Low loading speed, and Poor mobile presentation.

The cost to update shop content is high.

  • The page-building process is time/cost-consuming.
  • Shopify default theme customization is strict.
  • Doesn’t know how to improve business.
  • Low or little awareness of how the shop/page is performing.
  • Lack of education on how to improve shop/page conversion rate.
  • AiTrillion provides exclusive integration and provides a Loyalty program, product reviews, and product recommendation integration in the Pagefly templates.
  1. Install AiTrillion here 
  2. Kindly follow this link to set up AiTrillion in the Pagefly page templates.

Overall, the integration of Pagefly with AiTrillion provides sellers with a seamless eCommerce experience. Users can now create, manage, and optimize their online stores and marketing campaigns, all from a single dashboard. So, if you're a Pagefly user looking to take your eCommerce business to the next level, be sure to check out the AiTrillion integration today!

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