Make Your Store Ready For BFCM 2021

Make Your Store Ready For BFCM 2021

Get exclusive engagement strategies on BFCM with AiTrillion.

Beautiful BFCM ready designs to market to your customers. It includes:

  1. Smart popups to capture leads. Setup from here | Help

Intelligent Popups to increase customer engagement on store before this holiday season.

2. Custom offer pop-ups
Setup from  here | Help
Display a custom popup such as for registration to capture leads on your store.

3. Web push messages
Setup from here | Help
You can send bulk web push notifications to all your subscribers and increase your customer engagement this holiday season.


4. Email Templates
Setup from  here | Help
Design beautiful Email templates with powerful email editor on Ai Trillion for this festival season.

5. Announcement BarsSetup from  here | Help
Create beautiful announcement bars on your store for Black Friday and holiday sale.


6. Countdown Offer TimersSetup from  here | Help
Display a bar with animated countdown timer on your store to let customers know about any offer or Sale.

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