How To Tag Customers Based On The Form Field Selected Automatically?

How To Tag Customers Based On The Form Field Selected Automatically?

Auto tag functionality only works with the customer registration form or customer wholesale registration form

Yes, you can tag your customer based on the option they select. Please follow the below instructions to enable this feature at your store.

1. Log in to the form builder app dashboard.

2. Click edit.

Click edit

3. Select your drop-down value, Insert code  aaa-auto-tag  in the name field.

Insert code

4. Save the changes.

Save Changes

Whenever a user submits the form and selects the value from the drop-down option. It will automatically save details with the value tag.

Suppose – A user selects school2 while submitting the form.


Check: Go to the customer section from your Shopify dashboard and select customer tag.




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