How To Import Bulk Members Through CSV On Recurring Membership App?

How To Import Bulk Members Through CSV On Recurring Membership App?

AAA Membership + Subscription app gives you an option to import bulk members through CSV on the membership plans. You can import the members into a free membership plan or a paid membership plan.

When you import members in a paid plan. You need to add the expiry date for each member while importing the members. Membership will automatically expire on a specific date and a member has to subscribe to the plan and enter their payment details so that our app can process their recurring payment.


Follow the below steps for guidance

Step 1. Go to the Membership Subscription Order app dashboard and create a new free or paid plan if it doesn’t exist.

Step 2. Click on the drop-down arrow available beside the setting button, for the plan on which you want to import members.


Step 3. Click on the Import CSV option. It will redirect you to the Import CSV page.


Step 4. Download A Demo CSV File by clicking on the link.

download sample

Step 5. Enter your member’s details in the CSV File. Following details are required.

enter data

customer_first_name: First name of the member
customer_last_name: Last name of the member
customer_email: Email address of the member
subscription_date: Subscription date of the member
expiry_date: Expiry date of the member, set the date when you want to expire the membership plan for each member. After this date member need to subscribe again by filling the subscription plan

Step 6. Upload the File and click on the Save button.


Note: It will take a couple of minutes to process the CSV. Once the process is completed you can see the new members in the member’s list.

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