How To Allow The User To Preview And Edit The Submission?

How To Allow The User To Preview And Edit The Submission?

The registration form has an option to provide access and preview submission to your customer.

After form submission, It also allows your customer to edit/update their info. Please check the screenshot for the same and follow the instructions on how to set up the login page for the registered customer in your store.

Step 1. Create a Registration Form in the application.

create registration form

Step 2. After successfully created a form, copy the embed code from the publish section and paste the code in your store theme wherever you want to show your registration form.

Copy embed code

We have mentioned two embed code on this publish section:

1. Copy and Paste the embed code on your page: It will help you in making customer registration page on your website.

2. Use this code in profile page for customer to edit details: Using this shortcode you can create a page for edit details from the user’s hand.

image 3

3. After setup, the customer edit details embed code in your Shopify store. It will show a login page to your customer that they can log in from the email and password and edit details as per their requirement.


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