How Does Billing Cycle Work If The Fix Date Charging Feature Is Enabled?

How Does Billing Cycle Work If The Fix Date Charging Feature Is Enabled?

In the Membership Subscription app, there is an amazing feature to charge the subscribed members on a fixed date of the month. When you will create a paid plan then you can enable this feature. Have a glance on below snapshot –

Charge date


Now, let us understand the billing cycle and deduction of charges of a subscribed member with the help of an example here:

You created a membership plan for $30 and the plan interval is 30 days.

If the setting is enabled to charge $30 from the subscribed members on the 1st of every month, and if a user subscribes in the middle of the plan period of 30 days then charges will be taken on a pro-rated basis for example

If any member subscribed on the 5th of the month then he will be charged a pro-rated amount from his subscription date (i.e., 5th) to the selected month-end date (i.e., 30th) in the app, that is a member will be charged for 25 days membership only i.e. $25 for the current month and later he will be charged $30 from the 1st of the upcoming month.

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