How Does AiTrillion Determine “Customer Count” For Billing Purpose?

How Does AiTrillion Determine “Customer Count” For Billing Purpose?

Our billing system runs on two concepts of customer definition & we are flexible based on your perception of customers & subscribers. Consider the following two cases & you can select any one of them for your billing calculation definition of customers.

Case 1: BY DEFAULT OUR PRICING is based on the following definition of customers

The customers are registered customers on Shopify + all the people who subscribed for the email newsletter on the website, contacts imported through CSV import module, lead generated through Ai Chat. All are counted as customers, in general, if they are used for email through our system. You can look at Case 2 if this doesn’t suit you.

Case 2: Some sellers exceptionally wish to define customers as only customers who are registered within Shopify & want us not to count & suppress customer email lists, inactive shoppers. So after signup, you can mark a customer as inactive in AiTrillion & we won’t count them as customers anymore.

There are three ways through which you can mark customers as inactive in AiTrillion.

  1. Using bulk CSV import.
  2. Using domain suppression setting.
  3. Manually mark a customer inactive.

You can refer to this knowledgebase for more details.

Please contact us at if you need any help.

Our billing system will not count it towards the “customer” definition & will not bill for it. However, that would also mean that our system will exclude them from sending any future emails as they are suppressed by the seller. If an inactive customer makes a purchase, they become active again.

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