How Do I Setup Conditional Points Allocation in AiTrillion?

How Do I Setup Conditional Points Allocation in AiTrillion?

For a long time it was noticed that frequency / targeted activities like buy $X to get Y points and on X orders get Y points were causing an issue, wherein customers would purchase for $X or complete X number of orders, but the orders would get cancelled out. Customers / potential customers like yourself often gave a feedback telling us that points had been given for a target activity but in actuality the target was never completed. After much deliberation, the AiTrillion development team is glad to present conditional points allocation for both these activities.

Here is how you do it:

3. Under online store activities you will find the frequency / target activities. Click on the one you wish to setup. 

4. You will then see the conditions you can apply under Reward rules. Make the settings of your choice and save / update to exit. 

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