How to I configure the global / general settings in AiTrillion Membership

How to I configure the global / general settings in AiTrillion Membership

1. Head over to the membership section in your AiTrillion navigation panel.

2. In the membership module, head over to settings. 

3. The first tab in the global settings area is for general settings. Here you can configure the messaging (with or without graphics) for the pages that are blocked as 'members only' areas. You can also setup your timezone and setup an option where you can allow / disallow customers to cancel their membership on their own. 

4. The second tab if for payment processor configuration. AiTrillion Membership works with Stripe and Paypal. Learn to configure Stripe here and learn to configure PayPal here.

5. Last but not the least, the Language Settings tab allows you to rename almost every field of AiTrillion membership to your local language. e.g. the field is called discount but your site is in French, you would simply type Rabais / Escompte in that field. When done with all settings remember to Save / Update.

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