Enable/Disable Web Push Notifications

Enable/Disable Web Push Notifications

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Go to Web Push > Automation > Welcome Push > Click on Enable/Disable

Schedule push - You can schedule your campaigns when it is most suitable for your business

Schedule push" is a feature that allows a user to schedule a push notification to be sent at a specific time in the future. Push notifications are messages that pop up on a user's mobile device or desktop computer, even when they are not actively using the app that generated the notification. By scheduling a push notification, a user can set a reminder or send a message to be delivered at a specific time. This can be useful for reminders, appointment notifications, marketing promotions, and other purposes. The specific functionality and availability of "schedule push" may vary depending on the platform and app being used.

Go to Web Push > Automation > Schedule push

You can also view the Schedule push detail - 

Enable / Disable Abandoned Cart Push

Go to Web Push > Abandoned Cart Push

Enable / Disable Browser Prompt

Go to Web Push > Settings > Enable/Disable browser prompt

Enable / Disable Flyout Widget

Go to Web Push > Settings > Enable/Disable flyout widget

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