How to enable Auto Optimization of Review Request Email

How to enable Auto Optimization of Review Request Email

As review request emails are rendered differently across various browsers, devices, and email clients, AiTrillion offers the ability to choose the type of review request form-type that you wish to display to your customers.

Step 1. Login to AiTrillion.

Step 2. Go to Product Reviews > Collect Reviews > Review Email Settings.

Step 3. Enable the Setup Product Review Emails option, and select the “Auto-optimize” option under the Review Collection Form setting.

Here is what each option means: 

  • Auto-optimize – This option automatically checks for various browsers, devices, and email clients and then renders the review request email accordingly, either as In-mail or a Landing page.
  • In-mail form – This option allows your customers to submit the review from the review request email itself by showing the review submission form inside the email.
  • Landing Page – This option publishes the review submission form on a web page. When customers click on the review request email, it will redirect them to a landing page having the review submission form. This form can be filled and submitted, to submit the review. This type of process is useful if the client’s device does not support in-mail form submissions.

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