Create Product Recommendation SmartPopups

Create Product Recommendation SmartPopups

Use AiTrillion to create a smart popup that can recommend new, trending and recently viewed products to customers in the form of AiTrillion Smart Popups.

 Step 1: Log in to AiTrillion and head over to the product popups section under smart popups.

Step 2: Upon clicking product popups, you will automatically be taken to the product popup templates section. It is important to remember to use the recommended popup templates because product recommendations do not work in all popup template formats and sizes. 

Step 3: Click on use now for the product popup you wish to use.

Step 4: Give your popup a name and hit save. You will then be redirected automatically to the popup settings area. 

Step 5: Make your settings for the product popup in terms of design, content, and behavior.  Once done, hit save and turn on your product recommendations popup

The content configuration part of the popup settings includes configuration settings for the product recommendation too.  Should you have difficulties, do not hesitate to contact AiTrillion Support


1. Do not modify the popup size as this may interfere with the product display in the popup. 

2. A recently viewed recommendations popup will only be visible to people who have products that they have viewed on the site. If your customer has come to the site for the very first time, it is likely that he may not see the recently viewed products popup. 

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