ChatGPT in WebPush by AiTrillion

ChatGPT in WebPush by AiTrillion

AiTrillion presents the ChatGPT Ai system integrated into Web Push. Now get easy to use Ai based suggestions from Chat GPT for your web push messages and subject lines.



Step 1: Login to AiTrillion and head over to the create a campaign feature in the Web Push module. Remember you can use any template from our pre-built templates as well. 

Step 2: In the web push creation look for the ChatGPT Ai suggestion bulbs. 

Step 3: Click on the bulb and tell AiTrillion Chat GPT what you need. Once done click on get suggestions.

Step 4: Select the option you like or get more suggestions. 

Step 5: The option you select shall be pre-filled into the relevant area. 

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