Can our customers see all our reviews in one place?

Can our customers see all our reviews in one place?

AiTrillion gives you three different methods of seeing all your reviews in one place. Read the KB below to learn how you can do this.

Method 1:

You can enable a reviews button and use that to see all your site reviews and product reviews in one place. 

This button can be enabled by going to Reviews > Settings > General Settings > Button Settings

Method 2:

You can set up product and site review galleries on your store and add them to your navigation too!

These galleries can be set up by going to Reviews > Display Reviews 

Method 3:

1. Login to AiTrillion

2. Head over to Reviews > Settings > General Settings

3. Enable the 'Show all review images' option and save settings. 

4. Now while leaving a review, if a customer leaves images of the product he/she got, with their review, it will form a mini gallery on that product page. 

5. Clicking on any of these images will open a popup with that and more images that other customers may have uploaded. 

Here are two links where you have more detailed information on setting up review galleries. 

1. Product Review Gallery

2. Site Review Gallery