Boost Your Sales With AiTrillion Store Automation

Boost Your Sales With AiTrillion Store Automation



AiTrillion exclusive features work with automation to boost your store sales. It’s important to set up the engagement and retention strategy on automation so that it will work consistently for all the new visitors/customers coming to your store.

You can set up below quick must-have automation on your store with AiTrillion.

  1. Welcome email series Setup from here | Help
  2. Win back losing customers email serieSetup from here | Help
  3. Capture Reviews with email and smart popups Setup email from here | Help and Setup popups from here | Help
  4. Abandoned Cart Recovery with email and push Setup email from here  | Help and Setup push from here | Help
  5. Loyalty points automatic emails Setup from here | Help
  6. Product Recommendation auto emails  Setup from here | Help

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