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Discount code report
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Loyalty programs are a powerful tool in the e-commerce, driving customer engagement and boosting sales. Our Discount Code Report delves into the critical metrics that matter: claimed, used, and POS (Point of Sale). This comprehensive analysis provides insights into how discount codes are performing across various stages, from being claimed by customers to their eventual use in transactions.

Here are the steps to analyse a discount code report:

Step 2: There are 3 tabs: Claimed, Used & POS


The claimed codes are those codes that have been applied to the product but the customer didn't use for buying a product.


Once the customer has used the discount code to purchase a product, it will be said to be claimed


Claimed: Discount codes that customers have applied to the cart but have not yet placed the order

Used: Discount codes that were successfully applied to purchases and resulted in a sale.

Reverted: Discount codes that were claimed but the points are allotted back, often due to removing the discount code on the checkout page. They display as claimed till 24 hours, then become reverted, and points are added back to the customer account.

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