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Learn AiTrillion SMS credit system
Learn AiTrillion SMS credit system
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Explore the AiTrillion billing system for SMS, understanding why credit values differ between countries and what is included with these credits.


Understanding Credits:

Credits represent the expense for sending a single SMS to one recipient.

The SMS plans are based entirely on message credits, determining how many text messages you can send per month.

Note that the number of credits needed for sending text messages depends on two key factors:

  1. The location of your subscribers

  2. The type of messages you send

For example, if you wish to send one SMS to 10 individuals in USA, it would require 10 credits for that particular sending.

When do SMS credits reset?

Credits are renewed monthly, aligned with your specific billing cycle. If your SMS credit in negative, then on monthly reset it will be adjusted with available credit for that month.

To check the renewal date of your billing cycle:

  1. Click on your profile icon in the right corner.

  2. Select "Billing information."

  3. At the right corner you will be able to see monthly usage.

Do credits carry over to the next billing period?

Credits typically do not carry over to the next billing period. They are reset at the start of each new billing cycle.

Additionally, you have the flexibility to buy additional credit block to fit your business needs. If you find you have unused credits at the end of the month, consider switching to a lower-tier plan. You can also purchase additional credits if you've used up your monthly allotment.

To purchase an Sms Credit block check - AiTrillion Pricing & Addon Blocks

Character limit of SMS

SMS supports up to 160 characters, or 70 characters if an emoji or special character is included. If your message exceeds these limits, it will be split into multiple segments but will appear as a single message on the recipient’s phone. To ensure these segments are displayed in the correct order, an invisible header of approximately 7 characters is added to each segment. Consequently, your effective character limit is reduced to 153 instead of 160.

To calculate the total credits required for a send, use the following formula:

Number of credits x Recipients x Message segments

For example, if you are sending messages to 100 people—50 in USA and 50 in the UK—and your message is divided into 2 segments, the calculation would be:

1 (credits for USA) x 50 x 2 = 100 + 4 (credits for the UK) x 50 x 2 = 400

500 total credits

Why AiTrillion Prefers SMS Credits?

AiTrillion adopts a credit-based system for greater transparency. This method covers all carrier fees, so there are no extra costs beyond the purchase of credits. Moreover, accessing additional features in AiTrillion does not require any additional payments.

Unlike AiTrillion, other SMS providers typically charge per message and often impose additional carrier or platform fees. These extra costs can vary based on factors such as the platform, carrier, region, and even the type of phone number. Carrier fees alone may increase by up to 20% annually, complicating accurate campaign cost estimation and monthly budgeting.

By incorporating these carrier fees into its credits, AiTrillion allows you to precisely know the number of credits needed before initiating a send, facilitating better financial planning and management.

SMS Billing

​The credit cost per text message changes based on the destination:



Lowest Cost*($)

United States






United Kingdom



South Africa









Please note that failed deliveries still count towards the limits of your SMS billing plan. Additionally, short codes are billed separately from the SMS plan.

For example, if you want to send one SMS to 100 people, with half in the US and the other half in Canada, the campaign would cost 200 credits. Additionally, if you are using short codes and the message length exceeds 160 characters, you will be charged for 2 SMS.

If you have a negative SMS balance, it will be adjusted in the next month's billing.

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