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Send membership renewal reminders through automation (Membership V2)
Send membership renewal reminders through automation (Membership V2)
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Automated Membership Renewal Reminders! Now, effortlessly stay connected with your members by sending timely reminders for membership renewals. Streamline your communication process and ensure your members never miss out on renewing their memberships again.

Here are the steps to send membership renewal reminders through automation

Step 1: Go to Workflow automation >> Workflow

Step 2: Click on Create button

Step 3: Drag and drop Date property

Step 4: Select the Membership renewal date, Date filter, and flow repeat according to your need

Step 5: Drag and drop Send email and link to the trigger

Step 6: Click on Send email, select Message and fill in all the details according to your need

📝To create message Click here

Now you will be able to send the renewal reminders through workflow

Create a message by following the below steps:

Step 1:​ Go to Workflow automation >> Messages >> Click on Create from scratch

Step 2: Click on Choose pre-made templates >> Click on Membership renewal >> Click on Use template

Step 3: You can add/change the block as per your requirement through Personalization


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