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Add a plan at the front store (Membership V2)
Add a plan at the front store (Membership V2)
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In this article, we'll delve into the process of seamlessly integrating membership plans into your front store.

Here are the steps to add a membership plan at the front store -:

Step 1: Log in to Shopify, Click on Online Store>> Themes, and Click on Customize

Step 2. Click on the Home option and from the dropdown, click on Product as shown below

Step 3. Click on Add block >> Apps >> Membership product block and click on Save

You can now view the membership as a product, as shown in the below image.

You will be able to see the recurring subtotal for the membership

📝If you are automatically getting a membership option from Shopify, as depicted in the image below, you need to configure the settings as demonstrated in the image following the one below.

Go to main-product.liquid and remove the below code

{%render 'selling-plans' %}

You can also make a membership page, as shown in the image below


💡Tips for Membership V2

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